Will A Radon Mitigation System Increase The Value of My Home?

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August 14, 2019
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Radon Home For SaleThere are many reasons to install a radon mitigation system. First and foremost, of course, to protect yourself and your loved ones from the health risk that radon presents. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and accounts for over 21,000 deaths per year. If high levels of radon are found, a radon mitigation system is the solution. That is something of tremendous value to your family. However, if we are talking financially, will a radon mitigation system increase the value of my home?

What is a radon mitigation system?

A radon mitigation system is a series of pipes that run from the basement of the house, up through the roof. It pulls the radon from the soil below the foundation of the home and vents it up above the house. This means the radon never enters the home which keeps you from getting all that radiation exposure.

If high levels of radon are found, a radon mitigation system can be installed quickly and affordably. Usually done within just one day and in the range of $1500 - $1900.

Because the cost of the system is so low, it won't add a lot of financial value to your home. But it is priceless as far as the protection of your family. And potential home buyers usually see that as a plus as well.

Contact the experts at Utah Radon Services to learn more about radon mitigation systems. Need radon testing? Fill out the form on this page to request your FREE radon gas testing. Radon Mitigation System Increase The Value of My Home.

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