Radon mitigation systems gallery 

Radon mitigation systems encompass different approaches, such as interior and exterior installations, crawlspace solutions, and integration into new construction projects. Here are a few examples of each. 

Interior radon mitigation systems

Interior radon mitigation systems are installed inside the home with the only visible portion of the system being the exit point on the roof.  
Interior radon mitigation system diagram

Exterior radon mitigation systems

Exterior radon mitigation systems are installed in the lowest level of the home with the pipe running on the outside of the home.    
External radon mitigation system diagramA slab home with an exterior radon mitigation system

Crawlspace radon mitigation systems

Crawlspace radon mitigation systems are designed to seal the open dirt beneath the home and draw radon and other soil gases away from the home and expel them safely to the outside air.
Crawlspace radon mitigation system diagram

New home construction radon mitigation systems

   The best time to install a radon mitigation system is before the home is built. This allows the system to be placed in the ideal location while also reducing moisture and other soil gases from entering the home.   
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