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Fill out this form to request a free radon test for any home within 50 miles of Draper that is under contract to sell.
  • We will not test a home if we cannot get the client the results back BEFORE the due diligence deadline. If you would like a test after due diligence, a $150 testing fee will apply.
  • Our free testing program does not apply to new builds or homes with a pre-existing mitigation system. For new builds, a $100 fee will be charged to accommodate the need for our team to make several trips to the home until closed-home conditions are met.

Real estate radon testing

An agent’s time is valuable

Time is money, and no one knows that better than real estate professionals. For that reason, we developed a real estate radon testing process specifically for real estate transactions. We provide some of the fastest turnaround times and the best user experience in Utah. We also have Supra keys for easy access to vacant homes, making mitigation services painless for agents. If a radon problem is found, competitively priced reduction systems can be scheduled quickly.

Why real estate agents use Utah Radon Services

Free real estate radon testing

Get free real estate radon testing services within 50 miles of Draper. This is the same quality testing your clients have been paying $125+ for in the past. There is no catch, we simply want to protect Utahns and support your business.

Radon tests are deployed quickly

We know real estate transactions work on a tight schedule, so we deliver best-in-class response times. In addition, you have access to our certified radon customer service team to ensure any questions you have are answered in a timely manner. 

Supra key access

The last thing you need in your busy schedule is an unplanned stop to let us in a home. We have Supra key access so you don’t need to take time out of your schedule! We do everything possible to make the radon testing process simple and hassle-free.

Maintain your client’s budget

Your client’s budget and timeline are important to us. That is why we provide competitive pricing along with free add-ons our competitors don’t offer. We work relentlessly to ensure value is added at every point of the process. 


Why do home buyers and sellers choose us?

Experience. Our certified radon specialists install over 80% of the radon systems in Utah. Real estate professionals and home buyers trust us not only because of the thousands of radon tests and mitigations we have performed but also for the quality work we do. 

Professional mitigation services. If a home has high radon levels, installation for a radon removal system can usually be scheduled within a few days. We are fully licensed and insured. 

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Six tips to save you time

Provide us with as much notice as possible

Contact us as soon as possible after going under contract to allow as much time as possible to schedule testing and provide results well before the due diligence deadline. We cannot test a home if the due diligence deadline doesn’t allow enough time for testing.

Our range for free testing is within 50 miles of Draper, UT

The only way to know if radon gas is in the home is to test for it. That is why we offer free radon testing and free radon mitigation bids to the majority of the Salt Lake Valley. If the home is located outside the 50 miles radius, we may be able to do the test for a fee. Call us at 801-871-0715 for details.

Observe closed-home conditions before we arrive

All windows and exterior doors must be shut (on all levels of the home) at least 12 hours before the test starts and during the entire 48-hour test. Exterior doors may be used for normal entry and exit, but please do not prop them open. When these conditions are not met, the radon test is not valid and a $150 charge will be necessary to perform another test.

Swamp coolers must be turned off

We cannot test any home with a swamp cooler actively running. Vacant homes must have the swamp cooler turned off the entire time of the test.

Provide the due diligence date

We want to make sure your real estate transaction runs smoothly so please make sure to provide us with the due diligence date.

Install mitigation services

If a home is found to have high radon levels, we can take care of the mitigation for you. Simply call 801-871-0715 or fill out the free bid form.

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