Radon Mitigation For A Crawlspace

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September 28, 2017
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If your home has high levels of radon gas has a crawlspace, than that may be one of the ways radon is seeping into your home. A crawlspace with exposed soil flooring will have no barrier to prevent radon entry. Radon mitigation for a crawlspace will lower the radon levels in your home, but there are some extra steps to lower the levels as much as possible.

Radon Mitigation For A Crawlspace

The first step will be addressing any concrete flooring for cracks. If found, they will be sealed with caulk. Dirt or gravel flooring will then need to be sealed with an airtight membrane called a vapor barrier.  If the gravel is sharp, a layer of tar paper may need to be placed over the floor before the membrane can be installed to prevent tears in the plastic. The plastic membrane is sealed to the floor and walls to create and airtight barrier to block radon entry. The radon mitigation system will be tied directly to the soil under the membrane creating a 24 hour vacuum that will constantly suck the radon through PVC pipping outside of the home.

Occasionally, a radon mitigation for a crawlspace will require multiple suction points to make sure the radon is being removed from the home in the most effective way possible. The primary suction point is usually installed through the sub slab of the basement with an additional suction point in the crawlspace. Most of the time the two suction points can be connected with PVC pipping and only one fan will be needed to pull the radon from underneath the foundation of the home.

Depending on the layout of your home, the piping will be installed in the crawlspace and circulated internally into the attic of the home or externally above the eve line of the roof. Both options will lower the level of radon in the home and can be decided on before installation between the installers and the homeowners.

Request A Free Bid For Radon Mitigation

Remember that every home can have high radon levels even if you don't have a crawlspace. Radon enters through cracks in the foundation but can also permeate the concrete. Your first step is to test your home for radon. Simply fill out the form on this page to request a free test kit. If you have tested your home for radon and found high levels, request a free bid for a radon mitigation system.

Utah Radon Services has a team of specialists to test and remove radon from any Utah home. They will be able to provide you with a detailed plan for the removal of radon from your home. If you have a crawlspace we can analyze how to effectively prevent radon gas from entering your home.

Call us today at 801-871-0715 to request a free test or radon mitigation quote!

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