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March 12, 2019
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Radon has been getting more and more attention as more information is discovered. Many Utah residents are at risk of exposure to radon gas, which is believed to be the second leading cause of lung cancer. So what do you need to know about Radon? Read on to learn what radon is, what it is caused by and how it is a health risk to you and your family.

The Facts About Radon

Radon gas is the radioactive byproduct from the decay of uranium in soil. So where does that uranium come from? It is actually part of the limestone in the soil. The toxic radioactive uranium in limestone oxidizes easily, degrading into lead, emitting the deadly radon.

Because the foundation to your home is built right down in the soil, it is alarmingly easy for radon to enter your home. This gas can come through construction joints, plumbing areas and even the smallest cracks and pores in the foundation. Now you might say, if it is in the soil, I am constantly being exposed so there is no point in making sure it isn’t in my house. Actually, radon outside disperses into the air and isn’t much of a risk. But when it enters your home and you continuously breath it in, it is a dangerous problem.

Years ago, the US Surgeon General actually issued an advisory stating that radon is a “national health problem” which causes thousands of deaths annually. In fact, up to 21,000 deaths each year are attributed to radon exposure. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Second only to smoking. And, bad news for smokers, your risk is even higher. Here is the really bad news… one in three homes throughout Utah have high radon levels. And without testing, you may not know until it is too late. Because there is no odor, color or taste, specialized testing is the only detection method.

Radon Action Plan

Now that you know the facts about radon gas, it is important to take action. Finally some good news, this doesn’t have to be an expensive process. Follow these steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from radon gas.

■ Test your home. Utah Radon Services provides free radon testing throughout the state of Utah. Click here to learn more, or fill out the form on this page to request your free test today.

■ If the radon level in your home exceeds safe standards, get a bid for a radon mitigation system. These systems generally consist of a series of pipes and specialized equipment that pulls the radon from the soil below your house and vents it above – dramatically reducing the radon that ever enters your home. They are relatively inexpensive and can be installed in just a few hours in most cases.

It is ironic that the second leading cause of lung cancer, is relatively unknown, and many that know about it don’t ever take action. Don’t make this mistake. Take a few short minutes to request a free test. For peace of mind, and for the safety of your loved ones.

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