The Year In Review, Utah Radon Services

Utah Radon Services
December 27, 2018
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This year is almost over and we just wanted to say thank you to all our clients and friends. Over this last year we have tested almost 3000 homes and have installed over 1000 mitigation systems.

Utah Radon Services was started with the mission of testing as many homes as possible throughout Utah and we have enjoyed the journey so far. Customer satisfaction is our main goal and we have a 4.9 rating with over 250 google reviews.

Year In Review, Utah Radon Services

One of our favorites was from October from Grant H.

Their service was extremely good. Jeron was very informative and helped us make good decisions when it came to do the estimate. Jake was extra good and we noticed all these things that attributed to their great work ethic.
  • On time
  • Covered our carpet for the entire pathway to where you were working.
  • Courteous to my family.
  • Involved my curious boys.
  • Took the trash with him.
  • Did an overview of the work before and after.
  • Was fast and efficient.
  • Kept to the bid price.
  • Language was clean.
  • Didn't make any excessive messes and cleaned up after himself.
  • Went above and beyond by putting the wallboard back even though that want a part of the job
  • Was sensitive and considerate of it morning routines (family scripture study time)
  • Stayed on task.
  • Accommodated or request to preserve out family hand prints that were painted on the wall in the garage where the tubing would have gotten in the way.
  • Great example if work ethic to my children.

Another great one was from Laurie N.

Very Quick install! As a Realtor, I recommend Radon testing with every home --so I decided to get my own home tested. I tested with a generic test from Home Depot and it showed high levels. So I decided to requests a free test kit from Utah Radon--which was quickly mailed to my home. With elevated levels measured, I called to schedule an appointment. They were able to schedule me for an Installation--they were only about a week out. The guys who came were very clean-- placed cloth down on the floors/carpet where they walked. They spent about 4 hours and ran it from my Utility room up into my garage in an inconspicuous area. We were very impressed with their efficiency! The installers left another test kit and after getting the results back, we were pleased to see the Radon Level was drastically reduced to 0.5. We would definitely recommend Utah Radon Services to our friends and neighbors and all my Real Estate Clients. Great Job Guys!!

Click here to see all our reviews.

Spread The Joy!

If you have already ensured the safety of your home by testing or mitigating for radon, make sure you spread the word. Remember that they can test their home for free, and you could potentially protect a loved one from getting radon related lung cancer.

Call 801-871-0715 for any questions regarding radon testing or mitigation.

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