What To Know About Radon When Buying Or Selling A Home

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September 4, 2019
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When you are in the home buying or selling process, there are many tests will need to do. Make sure you don't forget about Radon! Whether the house is new or old, it is important to test for radon gas. Here is what to know about radon when buying or selling a home.

radon gas when buying or selling a homeBuying A Home

When you are purchasing a house, you will have an inspection done. This is the perfect time to have the home tested for radon. As a prospective buyer, you have the right to ask for testing to be done. If testing has been done within the last 2 years, request to see the report. Testing more than 2 years old should be redone. Testing takes 2 days to do, which means you can get results back quickly and know if a mitigation system needs to be installed.

Selling a home

When you are the one selling your home, it is smart to have the testing done before putting it on the market. That way you are prepared with certified results before a buyer asks about it. With more people coming to understand the risks involved with radon, you can expect prospective buyers to ask. 

The most important thing to do is to make sure you use a certified radon expert that can guarantee accurate results. This will be important to be able to show the prospective buyer.

How to understand test results

Once the home has been tested, you will be given a number measured in pCi/L or picocuries per Liter.

  • 4 or above: a radon mitigation system is needed according to EPA action levels. 
  • 2-4: You should consider installing a system Radon test results can help you plan next steps.
  • 2 or below: you are okay to wait and retest the home in about 2 years (try it in a different season than the first test).

Radon problems can be fixed - this shouldn't stop the home buying process. It is just another thing to consider whether you are buying or selling. A radon mitigation system can generally get the levels to below a 2 quickly and affordably.

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