What To Do If Your Radon Alarm Goes Off

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May 10, 2021
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Radon Alarms

We get many phone calls from homeowners who have a Radon Mitigation System who don't know what to do if their radon alarm goes off.  This blog will hopefully alleviate the panic and give you knowledge on what your next steps are.

First of all, the reason a radon alarm is so important is that it alerts you if your fan is off.  If you don't have a fan, the only way you know your fan is off is if you see the light on the Manometer.

The majority of Radon Alarms are from a company called RadonAway.  The Radon System Alarm is a vacuum monitoring product utilizing pressure sensors.  The Radon Alarm gives an audible and visual indication when the Radon System vacuum pressure is too low resulting in insufficient air movement to be effective.

The First Thing To Do Is Reset Your Alarm:

Most of the time, the problem isn't with the radon system, but with the alarm.  If the radon fan is still running, you can reset your alarm.  You can reset the alarm by taking off the cover on the front, remove the battery, and pressing and holding the test button until it stops beeping.  Replace the battery and the cover.  Push Test to verify it is working properly.

How To Test Your Radon Alarm:

Push the "Test" button an audible "beep" sounds and all lights blink when the "Test" button is pressed"  If your alarm is functioning properly, the green light will come on.

Lights On Your Radon Alarm:

There are four lights on the front of Radon Alarms:

  • Green: Operating and sensing the vacuum and the unit is working properly.
  • Yellow: The Fan Alarm battery needs to be replaced.
  • Blue Light Flashing: This means the Alarm is in service mode.
  • Red Light Flashing: This is an indication that the alarm is not sensing pressure.

RadonAway RSA1 Radon System Alarm Sensing Modes:

Sensing Mode (Normal Operation)
Sensing light blinks at 60-second intervals (3 flashes).

Test Mode
Audible "beep" sounds and all lights illuminate when "Test" button is pressed.

Pre-Alarm / Alarm Mode
Triggered by a >90% reduction in pressure. After 48 hours (pre-alarm interval), monitor beeps and alarm light flashes- then no light or beep for 60 seconds- then repeat until "Hush" is pressed or the system is serviced.

Hush Mode
Stops alarm or service mode sound for 7 days but visual indicator remains as programmed; after 7 days returns to sensing mode, alarm mode (with sound), or service mode (with sound).

Low Battery Mode
Battery voltage drops below 3.3V; 1 "chirp" and simultaneous flash at 5-minute intervals then stops for 5 minutes then repeats until the battery drains or a new battery is installed.

Service Mode
If 3 pre-alarm conditions occur within a 48-hour timeframe, monitor beeps and alarm light flashes then no light or beep for 60 seconds, then repeats until "Hush" is pressed or system is serviced.

How To Turn Off The Alarm?

On the front of the Fan Alarm, there is a button labeled "HUSH".  This stops sound for 7 days but the visual lights remain as programmed.  After 7 days, the alarm goes back to sensing mode/alarm mode with sound or service mode.

If your Radon Alarm is not functioning after you have tested it, please feel free to call Utah Radon Services at 801.871.0715 and we can help you.  

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