Test For Radon Gas When Selling A Home

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January 19, 2018
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The real estate market in Utah is crazy right now. It is definitely a sellers market. But if you are thinking of selling your home there are TONS of things to take care. In all that craziness, don't forget about radon.  One often overlooked thing you can do is test for radon gas when selling a home. And bonus, it can actually help the selling process!

Why Should I Test For Radon Gas When Selling A Home?

As more people become educated about radon and the danger it can present, radon testing during the home inspection is becoming more common. Even if a potential buyer doesn't know about radon, in many instances the realtor or inspector will recommend having the home tested. The fact is that a home with low levels of radon will be more appealing to home buyers because of the reduced health risk associated with the home.

Therefore, as part of the preparation for putting your home on the market, it is recommended to do a radon test. This can prevent future suprises that may occur during the home inspection process. Nobody wants to have a last minute issue arise during a real estate transaction. Take the time to educate yourself abour radon then have your home tested before putting it on the market. If levels are low, we can provide certified results that you can present to any potential buyers during the inspection period. If radon levels are high, you can affordably and quickly install a radon mitigation system that will drastically reduce levels of radon in the home. Having a mitigation system for radon gas is a fantastic selling point for any home.

Points to consider when performing a test for radon gas when selling a home:

  • Past testing shows that 1 in 3 homes in Utah have high levels of radon. Radon can be present in any home, no matter size, age or location.
  • Radon cannot be detected without testing. Using a professional company will give you certified results that can be used in a real estate transaction.
  • Testing before putting the house on the market means you can use it as a selling point. Whether the house has low levels or a mitigation system is installed to permanantly reduce the levels.
  • If testing is performed during inspection and high levels of radon are found, most potential buyers won't walk away. However, they will negotiate with you to have a radon mitigation system installed before closing on the property.

It is recommended to test for radon gas when selling a home, before even putting it on the market. This can be a selling point as well as prevent any issues during inspection or closing. Utah Radon Services offers free radon testing thoughout Utah and if needed can give you a free bid on a mitgation system for your home. Ready to put your house on the market today? The testing process is fast - they have to run for a full 48 hours but from beginning to end, certified results can usually be supplied within a week. Simply fill out the form on this page or call us at 801-871-0715 to schedule your test today.

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