Radon Testing Conditions

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July 16, 2018
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When testing for radon, the conditions of the home CAN affect the results. This means air flow, temperature, placement of the tests etc. It is important to get accurate results to have the home in the right conditions. Lets go over radon testing conditions to make sure your test tells the truth.

Radon Testing Conditions

There are going to be things that you cannot control... like the weather. Unfortunately the weather can affect your radon levels because if the air pressure in the house is lower than that outside, more radon can be drawn in. Wind can also play a factor in the testing process. For this reason, we recommend testing your home every few years and making sure you do it during a different season each time.

But there are things you can control during the testing process that will help ensure accurate results. First, we always recommend testing in closed house conditions. This needs to start for 12 hours BEFORE testing begins and go through the 48 hours of the test. Windows and doors must remaim closed. You can go in and out of the house but don't leave the doors propped open for any length of time. Leaving your windows open for fresh air, will negate your radon test. You must keep your windows closed for the 48 hours of the radon test. This doesn't mean that you can't have air flowing inside the house. We don't recommend having whole house fans going, but you can have air conditioning on. Portable window fans need to be removed or sealed in place.

As for the temperature inside the house, it needs to be livable. Meaning somewhere in the range of 68-77 degrees. Not too cold and not too hot. Fire places should not be used unless they are the primary heat source. Humidity should follow that same idea - it needs to be livable. The testing units should NEVER be placed directly by a fan, or in a bathroom or furnace room where the temperature and humidity will change. Setting the test in a living room or bedroom is the best option.

Trust the specialists at Utah Radon Services. During a real estate transaction, we will set the test for you. If you are testing the home you live in, we will send the test to you along with detailed instruction on how to set it. Call us today at 801-871-0715.

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