How Much Does Radon Mitigation Cost?

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July 22, 2017
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Radon gas is a health concern for you and loved ones - its the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US. Every home needs to be tested. Utah Radon Services offers free testing to determine if your family is being exposed to this cancer causing radiation. If the test reveals high levels of radon, it is crucial you take steps to eliminate this health risk. This is done by installing a radon mitigation system. It can be done quickly but it does require some work be done on your house and many people worry about the expense. So how much does radon mitigation cost?

radon mitigation costThe cost of radon mitigation varies. The goal is a radon removal system that works and reduces radon gas levels for the health and safety of your family. There isn't a one size fits all pricing system when it comes to the installation of a radon mitigation system.

Different factors that influence radon mitigation cost include:

  1. Materials: You may choose to receive multiple quotes for your radon mitigation system. Some companies may quote you lower pricing because the quality of the materials that they use are inferior. For a mitigation system to last, you want high quality parts.
  2. Labor: Lower paid or less skilled employees may result in lower quote prices.
  3. Home: Radon removal systems are designed specifically for your house. Layout and size will both play a role in the pricing of your system. An example of this is a crawl space. A home with a crawl space will add on to the cost of radon mitigation because different materials and amounts are used to create and effective system. The more complicated the system, the more it can cost.
  4. Warranty / Guarantee: Once you have spent the money to have a radon removal system installed, you will want assurances that the system is working.

Utah Radon Services has certified radon mitigation specialists who can determine the right system for you. They guarantee radon reduction below 2.7 pCi/L. Most home will have the radon level reduced to below 1 pCi/L.

Elevated levels of radon can be found in any home throughout Utah. Homeowners can greatly reduce their risk of contracting lung cancer if they take action fast. Learn more about radon mitigation or request a free bid by filling out the form on this page or calling the radon specialists at 801-871-0715.


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