Is Your House Haunted This Halloween?

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October 24, 2018
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house haunted by radon

We aren’t talking about ghosts and goblins, but your home may be haunted by something even more frightening. Radon gas is often called a silent killer. But what is it and why should it scare you?

Why should radon gas frighten you?

You cannot see, taste or smell radon but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t haunting your home and putting you and your loved ones at a higher risk for contracting lung cancer.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that occurs when uranium in soil decays. It enters your home and can actually change the DNA of the cells in your lungs and lead to lung cancer. In fact it is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. It is also the leading cause of lung cancer related deaths in non-smokers, taking the lives of about 21,000 Americans each year according to the EPA.

How to beat the silent killer.

Because radon can’t be seen, tasted, or smelled it can only be detected with specialized testing. Testing does not have to be expensive, in fact, you can request a free test by filling out the form on this page. Utah Radon Services offers professional radon testing and will provide certified results quickly.

Once you have your radon results, you can determine if you need a radon mitigation system installed in your home. There are recommended action levels set forth by the EPA and the WHO that can be a guideline for you in making this decision. If your home has a level over 4, don’t wait. Get an estimate for a radon mitigation system immediately. These can be installed quickly and affordably.

Contact the experts at Utah Radon Services today at 801-871-0715.

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