Free Radon Testing. There's No Catch.

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July 19, 2017
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We are often asked why we provide free radon testing and what the catch is. Well, there is no catch. We offer 100% free radon testing with certified testing equipment to Utah homeowners that do no currently have a radon mitigation system installed in their home. The only mileage restriction is for real estate transactions, the home must be located within 50 miles of Draper, Utah.

cost rsk benefits of radon testingWhy do we offer free radon testing when others charge $100-$170 for the same service?

There are definitive health risks associated with living in a home high in radon. When we started the company, we discovered that most people don't know what radon gas is or the health risks associated with it. Our goal is to increase the awareness of radon gas to as many homeowners as possible. And the most effective way to do this is to offer free testing.

It is our belief that every home should be tested. However, in Utah, only 1 in 5 homes sold currently get tested due to the high cost associated with testing. Our business model is set up to efficiently do a high number of certified radon tests so that more homes can be tested. For homes that have elevated levels of radon, we then provide a free quote to fix the problem. At Utah Radon Services, we take pride in being able to offer free radon testing through Utah.  Each time we preform a test, we are able to educate another homeowner; and possibly provide life saving information.

Click here to learn more about free testing.

If your home has never been tested, let us help by providing you with a free radon test. Call 801-871-0715 today or fill out the form on this page to request your free test.



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