Radon Mitigation

Why do we have Radon Action Month?

January is Radon Action Month here in Utah. So what is radon and why do we have radon action month? Radon is an odorless and tasteless gas that is caused when uranium decays in soil and rock. This naturally occurring radioactive gas is a health hazard if it accumulates to high levels in your home. […]

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Radon Testing / Mitigation as Part of the Real Estate Transaction

Radon Testing / Mitigation as Part of the Real Estate Transaction Once a buyer's offer has been accepted by the seller, the buyer enters the due diligence stage. This is where the buyer can inspect the property to ensure that there are no major problems, and ensure they are still happy to go through with […]

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Post Mitigation Radon Testing; Why is it needed?

By now you have heard of radon gas, the odorless and tasteless radioactive gas that is produced by the decay of uranium in soil. If you have tested your home for this cancer causing gas, and found high levels, it is important to install a radon mitigation system in your home. But once installation is […]

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Radon Mitigation For A Crawlspace

If your home has high levels of radon gas has a crawlspace, than that may be one of the ways radon is seeping into your home. A crawlspace with exposed soil flooring will have no barrier to prevent radon entry. Radon mitigation for a crawlspace will lower the radon levels in your home, but there […]

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Radon Mitigation Systems In Finished Basements

Can a radon system be installed in a finished basement? This concerns many homeowners who have found high radon levels.  While it can limit some of the options of where a system can be installed, we install about 70% of our radon mitigation systems in finished basements. Very rarely do any cuts to sheetrock need […]

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How Much Does Radon Mitigation Cost?

Radon gas is a health concern for you and loved ones - its the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US. Every home needs to be tested. Utah Radon Services offers free testing to determine if your family is being exposed to this cancer causing radiation. If the test reveals high levels of […]

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What To Do If I Find Radon Gas In My House

One of the most common things that we are asked is, "What Should I Do If I Find Radon Gas In My House?" If you have already tested your home for radon gas and your levels cam back elevated,  it is recommended by the EPA and WHO that you reduce the radon gas levels in your […]

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How Do I Know If My Radon System is Working?

Radon is removed from a house by installing a radon mitigation system. Once the mitigation system is installed, Utah Radon Services will do a post-mitigation test. This is to ensure that the levels in your home are reduced below 2.7 pCi/L, the action level recommended by the WHO. Once the system is installed you may […]

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Radon Mitigation System: Benefits of Installing In Attic

So your home tested high for radon gas and you need to install a radon mitigation system. There are many ways that a radon mitigation system can be installed in your home, but don't get overwhelmed. Utah Radon Services has certified installers that can offer their professional opinion. The first factor to decide is if […]

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