Radon Testing

Radon Testing Guidelines for Real Estate Transactions

If you are buying or selling a home in Utah, it is becoming common practice to test for radon. Whether you are the buyer or the seller. Because of the health risk that radon poses, any testing that is done should be done by licensed radon professionals. If you are testing a home you are […]

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Test For Unsafe Radon Levels In Your Home

Radon is the natural gas produced when uranium in soil and rocks decay. Since soil and rock is all around us, specifically surrounding the foundation of your home, it is hard to prevent that radioactive gas from entering your home. It comes in through the cracks and pores in the foundation, through construction joints and […]

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Radon Facts & Fiction

Although radon gas has been declared as the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, many people have never heard of it. And often if they have, they do not understand the health risk that it can be. Radon is a naturally occuring radioactive gas that develops underground when uranium decays in […]

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Need To Know About Radon Gas - Who, Where, When, Why and What

You may have heard about radon gas but doubt that it is real or that it matters to you. Maybe you've seen news stories about a "silent killer" and written it off as scare tactics. But the truth is, radon gas is something that every homeowner should be aware of. Take a few minutes and […]

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How Do I Protect Myself from Radon Gas?

Most people are exposed to small amounts of radiation everyday. The majority of it comes from natural sources such as radon gas. Radon is created when uranium breaks down in soil and rocks. It enters your home though cracks and pores in the foundation as well as any construction joints, etc.  Over time, exposure can […]

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Where is Radon Gas Found?

Radon is a naturally occuring and radioactive gas. It is also the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, second only to smoking. It enters through the foundation and construction joints, and can be found in any home. In fact, one in three homes in Utah have high radon levels. That means […]

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Test For Radon Gas When Selling A Home

The real estate market in Utah is crazy right now. It is definitely a sellers market. But if you are thinking of selling your home there are TONS of things to take care. In all that craziness, don't forget about radon.  One often overlooked thing you can do is test for radon gas when selling […]

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Is Radon A Hoax?

January is Radon action month which means you are probably hearing a bunch of scary things about radon gas on the radio or the news. You might be asking yourself, is radon a hoax? Radon, in fact, is very real. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US, second only to […]

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5 Reasons To Test For Radon Gas

Radon is the radioactive gas produced when uranium in soil decays. It is present everywhere, although some areas have higher levels than others. Radon exposure increases your risk of contracting lung cancer. In fact, it is the second leading cause of lung cancer just behind smoking. There are many reasons to test for radon gas, […]

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