What Can Be Done About High Levels Of Radon?

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February 21, 2017
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radon mitigation system outsideYou've tested your home, and discovered that you have high levels of radon gas. What now?

A radon mitigation system can be installed to reduce the radon levels in your home. The goal of a radon mitigation system is to lower the radon levels below the EPA recommended action level. This is done by using a system of pipes and a fan to suck radon from beneath the foundation of the home and vent it safely outside.

Contact Utah Radon Services to remove the radon from your home.

A radon mitigation system can potentially remove up to 99% of the radon from your home. Installing a mitigation system can drastically reduce your risk of lung cancer. If you have found high levels of radon in your home, act quickly for the safety of yourself and your family.

Utah Radon Services offers free quotes for a mitigation system. This can be done by by a certified technician visiting your home, or over the phone by a certified technician. There are multiple ways that a system can be installed. Our certified technician will ask you a series of questions to determine the best possible installation system for your home. Mitigation system pricing will vary slightly depending on the type of system that needs to be installed. Once you have chosen a system and a bid is given by a certified professional, pricing will be locked in according to that bid. No upcharges or surprises on the day of installation.

If your home tested above safe levels, do not wait to contact our licensed company for a free radon removal quote.  Fill out the form on the right or give us a call at 801-871-0715.

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