3 Things You Can Do During Radon Action Month

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December 13, 2017
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January is National Radon Action Month and it is the perfect time to learn more about radon. Before you can take action against radon, it is important to know what it is and why it affects you. Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs when uranium decays in soil and rock. It can be present in any home and, because it is odorless and tasteless, can only be detected through certified testing. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. And for non-smokers, it is the leading cause of lung cancer. Which health risks such as these, it is important to know the 3 things you can do during radon action month.

3 Things You Can Do During Radon Action Month

  1. Test your home for radon.

As uranium in soil and rocks, decays, radon gas is released. It then enters the home through the foundation, construction joints, areas around pipes, etc. As it accumulates in your home, it becomes a health hazard to you and your family. Because it has no taste, color or smell, it can only be detected through testing.

It is recommended that every home in Utah be tested for radon gas, although only 1 in 5 currently have been. If you haven't tested your home, now is the perfect time. It is important to note, that any home can have high radon levels. If your neighbor tested and found low levels, that doesn't automatically mean that your house will also have low levels.

You can have your home tested for free and receive certified results from Utah Radon Services. This eliminates any reason NOT to have your home tested. Long term radon gas exposure can cause lung cancer... but this is 100% preventable.

2. Install a Radon Mitigation System If Needed

After your radon test is complete, Utah Radon Services will send you certified results. If your homes radon levels are above recommended action levels, you will need to have a radon mitigation system installed to remove the radon from your home.

Each home is different but a mitigation system can be installed affordably in any home. You can request a free mitigation bid and often times a radon specialists can offer a quote over the phone after asking you some questions. If you have a large home, a crawl space or a complicated layout, we may send a technician to your home to determine the cost of a radon mitigation system for your home.

Now is the time to install a radon mitigation system in your home if you have high levels of radon. Protect yourself and your loved ones from this health risk.

3. Spread Awareness About Radon

One of the most important things you can do during radon action month, is to spread awareness. If you have tested you home and found low levels, make sure your friends and family test their homes as well. Every home in Utah will have some radon in their home, it is important to test each home. Currently only about 1/5th of the homes in Utah have been tested. We can do better!  Share this with friends and family to educate and encourage other's to test their homes for radon gas.

Utah Radon Services is here to help, whether you just have questions about radon, want to test your home, or need a quote for radon mitigation. We are fully staffed with licensed professionals to test or mitigate your home. Fill out the form on this page or call us today at 801-871-0715.

Don't wait! Now is the time to act! 
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